CXP Developer Essentials

This 4-day training gives technical users a strong foundational understanding of how to work with Backbase CXP. It includes and in-depth introduction to both back-end and front-end environments and culminates in a hands-on workshop.

CXP Manager

Designed to ensure that business owners and non-technical users will be able to get the most out of Backbase CXP, this intense 1-day workshop provides both the knowledge and practical skills required to work with CXP Manager.


We offer several different Forms trainings from basic to advanced for both developers and business owners. Decide for yourself what skill level your business needs require and we’ll help you reach it.

MobileSDK for Front-end Developers

Learn about how to use our mobile SDK to embed Backbase HTML widgets in mobile applications, and how it works seamlessly with the CXP Portal.

Backbase Business Analyst

Learn about the structure and BA processes of Backbase projects, the tasks, responsibilities and deliverables expected in each project phase.

What you can expect

We host training sessions regularly at Backbase HQ in Amsterdam as well as onsite all over the world. We’re also able to tailor courses to meet your specific business requirements.

If you’re interested in hosting a training session at your business, please be prepared to provide participants with: laptops, lunch, refreshments, meeting rooms with projectors and stable internet, as well as a training (test) server if you have requested CXP Manager for Business Users.

If you have any questions about any of our trainings please don’t hesitate to get in touch.