Backbase Business Analyst


Business Analysts

Total Duration

2 days

Skill level

Experience BA





Learn about the structure and BA processes of Backbase projects, the tasks, responsibilities and deliverables expected in each project phase.

Backbase Project Blueprint

Learn about the setup of a typical Backbase project, the different phases of the project, and what the main objective is for each phase.

How to Run an Inception Phase

In the inception phase, the aim is to define and agree upon the Objectives and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be delivered in the project. You learn about the Discovery Workshops, the required preparation for it as well as the Discovery Debrief. Using hands-on exercises, you are trained to lead the workshops in this phase, create epics, run estimation sessions, and much more.

How to Run an Construction Phase

During the Construction Phase, your team develops the defined Minimum Viable Product, in compliance with the Definition of Done. In this module, you learn how to define the product being built, and how to ensure the developed product meets the requirements and needs of the customer. All ceremonies in the project process are explained, and you learn hands-on how to refine the backlog, write user stories, define acceptance criteria, run planning sessions, sprint reviews, etc.

How to Run an Transition Phase

The aim of the transition phase is to get the solution ready for and into production. You learn how to get the product finalized from a BA-perspective, and how to hand the project over to the customer.