CXP Manager Training for Business Users


Business Users

Total Duration

1 day

Skill level

Suitable for all skill levels



For non-technical business users, we also offer specialized training called Backbase CXP Manager for Business Users. In an action-packed day, business users are taught how Backbase CXP and CXP Manager function together, and how to work with their custom implementation of CXP Manager. By the end, they will know how to manage and optimize a portal, create and deploy apps, and be able create engaging customer experiences.


CXP Manager Basics

Business users will gain a theoretical understanding of the CXP and its component model. They will learn exactly what Backbase CXP is, how it meets their business needs, who uses it, and what they use it for. They will also learn about some of the CXP’s features, including CXP Manger, portal items, managing content items, pages and navigation, templates, targeting, mobile, publishing and versioning, and security.

CXP Manager Custom Implementation *

Once business users have completed CXP Manager Basics they will be given the opportunity to review their specific implementation. Through specifically tailored exercise, they will learn everything they need to know to be able to take full advantage of everything Backbase CXP has to offer.

*) A Backbase expert will spend 3 days creating training specific to your custom implementation. Please note that this preparation time will be included in the final cost.