MobileSDK for Front-end Developers


Front-End Developers

Total Duration

2 days

Skill level

JavaScript, HTML and CSS, basic understanding of mobile development 
​(iOS/Objective C, Android/Java)


Completion of CXP Front-End Training



Learn about how to use our mobileSDK to embed Backbase HTML widgets in mobile applications, and how it works seamlessly with the CXP Portal.

Mobile Services

Learn about the features of Mobile Services, our mobile back-end as a service: How to set it up, configure it and use it in your mobile application.

Mobile Project Development

Learn how to develop mobile applications using CXP MobileSDK: How to get started using templates, how to integrate custom HTML widgets, how to optimize HTML widgets to work on mobile and desktop (‘omni-channel’ widgets), how to create a navigation structure, how to customize the native parts of the project templates, and how to use events to pass data between widgets. Learn how to make use of the built-in tools to help you debug your mobile applications built with Backbase CXP Mobile SDK.